Mandated hospital staffing ratios are not the answer to workforce shortages

This year, lawmakers came dangerously close to imposing government-mandated nurse staffing levels at all hospitals across the state. Rigid staffing mandates do not create safer conditions for patients and staff, they take decision-making power away from the bedside.



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  • Our hospital systems have to innovate staffing models to cope with the reality of workforce shortages and not tie the hands of our both hospital staff and administrators with top-down solutions. Our nursing shortages…

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    Jeff Faucett

    Fire Chief, South Kitsap Fire/Fire Chiefs Association
  • “Fewer than half of all rural counties have hospital based obstetrical services. This lack of prenatal care increases the likelihood by 3-4 times that women will die a pregnancy-related death. Because a requirement to…

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    Beth Goetz, RN

    Direct Care Nurse, Coulee Medical Center
  • “Our small hospital provides critical emergency surgeries. The next closest hospital is 30 minutes away in Oregon, and as you know, time matters for patients. The nurse and CNA staffing mandates would have a…

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    Brenda Sharkey, RN

    Chief Nursing Officer, Ocean Beach Hospital
  • "Here at Overlake, we have already 200 vacancies for nurses, and we have done everything we can think of to fill those vacancies in our hospital. We pay some of the highest collectively bargained…

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    Lisa Morten

    Chief People Officer, Overlake Medical Center & Clinics
  • “I have been a nurse for 36 years and worked as an ER Nurse for 13 years in California. In California, if a nurse in an inpatient unit called in sick and the unit…

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    Susan Scott, RN

    Chief Operating Officer, Providence Holy Family Hospital
  • “We share the unions’ and [legislators’] concern about the workforce shortage. We just know that California-style ratios are not the solution. We know that because ratios have not solved the workforce shortage in California.”

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    June Altaras, RN

    Executive Vice President & Chief Quality, Safety & Nursing Officer, MultiCare Health System

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